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Neurospicy training

We offer a few unusual accessibility workshops because there is a clear need for more guidance when it comes to managing neurodiverse teams and making content ADHD-friendly. 

We Really Should Work Together

Managing neurodiverse teams

Do you have brilliant minds who think differently in your team? Struggling to truly tap into the full potential of your neurodiverse team? This workshop bridges the gap. Learn practical strategies for fostering effective collaboration along with a sensory-friendly work environment. 

We equip you with actionable tools to build a stronger, more cohesive team that thrives on the unique perspectives each member brings. Managers, HR professionals, and anyone invested in inclusion will get something out of this interactive workshop.

Invest in your team's success.

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How ADHD works at work

Traditional work environments can make focus and organization a challenge for ADHD individuals. We'll explore communication hacks, task management techniques, and creating a sensory-friendly workspace that fuels focus.

The end goal of this workshop is to provide concrete approaches, methods and tips to make communication and collaboration smoother between team members.

If you find yourself thinking: "this meeting could have been an email", it's time to find out how to properly format that email in order to avoid said meeting. 

Give your ADHD folks the chance to thrive at work

ADHD-Friendly Workshops

What if you could design content and experiences that speaks directly to ADHD brains? 

  • Learn how ADHD brains process information.

  • Attention hacks: how to hold focus.

  • Content chunking: how to break down complex information.

  • Multisensory design

  • How to design clear pathways and minimize distractions.

Get in touch with us to book a training session

You know those pesky lego top surface dots we all step on? this is what's here, but at scale

Feel Good File

To help offset RSD (Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria) we keep a neat little "Feel Good File" of all the nice things.

SEO can be one of the best jobs if you have ADHD. In this talk, Myriam discusses how to see ADHD as a substantial competitive advantage. Check out this video to laugh, groan and pick up a few tricks to help you along.

Developers with ADHD are right at home in the tech industry. In this talk, Myriam dives into how the ADHD brain takes on bug triaging and crisis responses very efficiently...along with a few reasons why this happens and why it matters. 

Find out the connection between iconic furniture design, chaos theory and SEO. This alone should give you an idea that the topic of ADHD thinking will be discussed in this marketing podcast with Myriam Jessier & Dan Shure. 

Myriam Jessier was interviewed regarding their experience at events. ADHD folks and loud conferences with hundreds or thousands of people is not a good mix. Here's concrete advice on how to survive work events like this if you also have ADHD. 

The FCDC was at BrightonSEO and we recorded an insightful conversation with Myriam Jessier about neurodiversity and public speaking. If you want to know more about speaking at events when you are ADHD, this interview is for you!

Myriam Jessier's input was featured in this book by  Denis Boudreau, a 22+ year web accessibility and digital equality veteran. The end goal is to help seasoned speakers and newcomers to create inclusive experiences that reach a wider audience. 

Stéphanie Walter is a User Researcher and Designer who focuses on building user-centered, inclusive and accessible products and services. In this interview, she shares important lessons she learned along the way during her 15+ year career. 

Stéphanie Walter shares actionable tips and resources to transform your conference or presentation slides. Boost clarity, engagement, and inclusivity with a few tweaks that will ensure you communicate better with a wider audience.

If you are a designer looking to get started with accessibility but you have no clue where to get started, Stéphanie Walter is here to help you! She shares articles, resources, checklists, tools, plugins and books to design accessible products.

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