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Our Spicy Story

“I’ve reached the stage of my life where there’s nobody left in my circle but top notch weirdos and honestly the company is so, so good.” - Jonathan Edward Durham (some guy on the Internet)

Neurospicy is not your typical marketing agency. Our key differentiating factor is an unmatched ability for creative problem-solving along with deep analytical thinking. We excel at recognizing patterns and trends, crucial for understanding consumer behavior and code issues.


This adaptability and flexibility allow us to pivot quickly in response to changing market conditions, ensuring our clients stay ahead of the curve. We call it the top-notch weirdo factor. 

Meet the Trio

Myriam Jessier


Myriam is well-known for their SEO & analytics chops. After founding PRAGM agency, the Neurospicy Agency is their next adventure. 

Momo the Doxie


Momo is a miniature sausage dog that has attended many web conferences over the years.  She usually coworks with Myriam, on the couch.

Stéphanie Walter


Stéphanie is a world-renowned UX enterprise expert. She is based in Luxembourg and enjoys training design and dev teams.

Our Approach

​We have chosen to embrace neurodiversity as a catalyst for innovation and problem-solving. Our methodology is not bound by traditional norms but rather thrives on avant-garde but very pragmatic thinking. We prioritize direct communication, dynamic training methods, and tailored strategies.


We help our clients connect the dots in unconventional but valuable ways. We go from ideation to implementation in the blink of an eye. This approach has enabled many successes over 15+ years in performance marketing.   

Us in Numbers
Real World KPIs That Matter


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Spicy food experiences together

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