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Neurospicy Boutique

We Want to Sell You Socks

We think that everyone deserves socks. That doesn't mean everyone has to wear socks. But if you want to, these are the socks you should be wearing. 

You're Here for Stickers

We know why you are here. You probably saw  the stickers online or during a conference. They're here!

Unique Designs Made With ADHD and Love

We'll be working and all of a sudden, something happens and one of us says "this should be a sticker". 

Why Does This Shop Exist?

That should be a sticker...

Many conversations we have together end up becoming sticker ideas. We have known each other for a weird and wonderful decade. The magic never faded away. Every day is a new opportunity to cackle maniacally and create stickers...stickers that make others cackle maniacally and coo when they are gifted with them. 

Important: we do not provide custom designs. You can't pay us to have your very sticker. That's not how it works here. You can make us laugh or share something cool and maybe a sticker will come out of it. Big maybe. We are internet strangers and do not owe you stickers or smiles. 

From the Archives

Glow in the Dark Tentacles

glow in the dark tentacle earrings

This is a pair of earrings that was custom made to go with Myriam's tentacular conference slide decks. tentacles are such a fashion accessory. No wonder these are so popular!

Talk to Your Users Sparkly Stickers

talk to your users sticker full of glitter and hope

We can make it bright, we can make it sparkly but the core message remains the same. This is a message at the core of what we do for a living. Always remember to talk to your users.

Maybe Today, Satan

pentagram of UX research

Stéphanie created a memorable pentagram of UX research. It is a parody that is very much tongue-in-cheek. This used to be available for purchase online. Now available as custome purchase. 

Cute Racoons & Company

glittery raccoon eating a cookie sticker on a background

Raccoons, possums, cookies - trust us, it somehow works. These sparkly stickers were part of a cute moment. They are only available if you meet one of us at a conference. 

Halloween Cat Stickers

Halloween kawaii kitties in a sticker set

Halloween is our favorite holiday. What goes better than black cats and Halloween? Of course, Stéphanie had to conjure up a series of fantastic Halloween fluffies. 

Buy Our Stuff!

neurospicy sticker with a pepper as the shape

Buy Stuff on RedBubble

Redbubble gives us the unique ability to sell you socks with neurospicy designs. Granted, it's not just socks. You can buy more stuff too.

Visit the Homegrown Shop

Psst, want some of the sparkliest stickers out there? Head on over to this little sticker storefront on Stéphanie's site. 

a stack of pepper shaped stickers displayed, they all say neurospicy!

Want the Stickers as Goodies?

In some cases, we allow conferences and non-profits to purchase our stickers to give away at events.

These People Love our Designs

We bring joy to folks around the world. 

Stéphanie designed an amazing penguin design for my brand leather embossing. 

Geoff Crofte

Owner of Lord Leathercraft

We receive many compliments. The  designs are brilliant and the sparkles are so eye catching.

Jack Chambers-Ward

Neurodivergents in SEO

I like the stickers. They are good stickers.  I highly recommend stickers made by Stéphanie.

Lizzi Sassman
Technical Writer

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