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Rise above ordinary.

Curiosity is our motor. We love to learn. We turned that into a business to help clients avoid headaches and keep their project on track. 

We Really Should Work Together

Consulting to Control the Chaos

We love to collaborate on bold projects of any size. Crane operators, Posture People, brewery yeast scientists, city officials, TV personalities work with us.


Do you have a new challenge for us? We like a challenge and thrive in unusual situations.  We offer a blend of strategic vision and tailored tactical roadmap to get you from point A to point B. 

There's a reason people on the internet talk about us. Book a short call with one of us to find out why! It's free and it'll take less than 15 minutes. 

Courses, Classes & Workshops

Every session we provide is backed by practical experience and real-world scenarios. We ensure the teams we train gain actionable knowledge. We provide the right approach, insights and tools to help you implement what you learn  immediately. 

We offer training sessions and workshops to help teams improve their understanding of various technical and human topics.  We teach in universities, train teams and offer workshops.


Get a bespoke training, it will be absolutely worth it.  

Neurodiverse Accessibility

We are accessibility advocates., each with their own specialty. You can hire one or both of us for:

  • Accessible copywriting training

  • Accessibility for designers workshops

  • Managing neurodiverse teams workshops

  • Content creation on specific accessibility topics

  • Webinars 

Building Things

Here are the projects we are working on because they give us dopamine. Get a glimpse into what fascinates us.

Stéphanie Walter Makes Stickers

In 2022, Stéphanie embarked on a hand-made sticker making adventure. By 2023, things were going so well that she bought special equipment and machinery to start making stickers like a semi-pro operation.

You Can Now Buy Them Online

We launched an online store to sell glittery and holographic neurospicy stickers and socks. The possibility to sell socks was too alluring. We had to go for it. If you are also excited by this, you're our type of customer!

Neurodivergents in Tech Stickers

Some of the most fun stickers come from a common collaboration with Myriam. The ND sticker pack is one of those collaborations that became quite successful. If you have a non-profit need for them, contact Stéphanie. 

Myriam Jessier & Pixel Purse

Designers want premium pixels, marketers want shiny and devs want a site that loads fast. Developers & SEOs are often caught in the middle, trying to balance these competing demands. That's what I am trying to address. 

Image Performance Budget

An image performance budget sets limits and provides a useful framework for discussing performance with stakeholders. An image performance budget exists to reflect your reachable goals. 

Building a Tool to Fix the Problem

Pixel Purse is the tool to help you keep your image performance in check. If something goes over a defined threshold…you can optimize it, remove it or not add it.  It's a work-in-progress and you can find out more here.

Building Processes & Templates Hyperfocus

After working this long in the tech industry, we both realized that our magic, our zone of genius, lies in making sure people have proper processes, workflows and templates to help them do their job in an efficient manner. 

ADHD Accessibility Hyperfocus

Neurodivergent brains process information differently. That's why we want to help provide a concrete approach to creating digital content that is inclusive and accessible to as many people as possible.

Enterprise Dashboards Hyperfocus

Designing the perfect dashboard is a hard endeavor. We really enjoy plotting and planning to ensure complex problems get communicated to facilitate informed decision-making and streamline data interpretation for our clients.

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