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Neurodiverse-friendly Agency

Performance Marketing & CX Research

We combine expert knowledge in UX research, web analytics (GA4 & BigQuery) and technical knowhow in SEO and accessibility. 

Speakers & Professors

 We turn complex topics into engaging, accessible stories that resonate.

Neurodiversity & Accessibility

Practical strategies and insights to make the web accessible to more people along with a great approach to managing neurodiverse teams. Check out the workshops we offer.

Our story

Connecting the dots in valuable ways

Client feedback speaks volumes: proactive, outspoken, and visionary. Those elements keep popping up in client and student feedback over and over.  We have a unique ability to combine or connect seemingly unrelated ideas, concepts, or information. This is a strength in business, one that we have harnessed.  With us, you can go from ideation to implementation in the blink of an eye.  

Here's How We Can Work Together

UX & CX Strategies

Want to know more about cognitive biases? Need to learn how to build better digital products? Want someone to test the "abusability" of your product? We tackle the usual company and brand problems in impactful ways. 

SEO: Innovative Problem-Solving

We have been navigating algorithmic changes for more than 15 years. There is nothing that you could possibly throw our way SEO-wise that will surprise or deter us. We help you find new opportunities and overcome any obstacle in your way. 

Neurodiverse Consulting

Our workshop on managing neurodiverse teams in tech provides actionable strategies for leveraging diverse talents, fostering inclusion, and driving innovation within your organization.

Accessibility Workshops

We specialize in visual and content accessibility. Our workshops help you turn complex technical issues into engaging opportunities to craft inclusive digital experiences. Accessibility for Designers, ADHD-friendly content and more await you!

Let's work together !

A Very French  Boutique Consultancy

We love to collaborate on bold projects of any size, blending strategic vision and nerdosity. As we are both French and linguistics nerds, here's how to pronounce the word: \bu.tik\

 Workshops With a Little "Je ne sais quoi" as we say

We open source our knowledge and expertise. Looking for a dynamic and engaging way to level-up your team? Get a tailored course or workshops to fix your knowledge gaps.  

Conference Speaking & Articles

We have more than a decade of experience training teams, teaching in universities, writing articles and being guests on podcasts. Plus: we make a great guest duo!

Why clients work with us

Here are a few testimonials from clients. 

Love working with them for complex international projects. Brilliantly competent, refreshingly honest, and unwaveringly committed. I highly recommend them .

Florian Schmitt

Director of eCommerce 

ERA Consulting Group

Need someone with a technical SEO background and a keen eye for product marketing? Myriam brings a solid international marketing experience that is a huge plus for global brands.

Gianna Brachetti, 

SEO Product Manager


Top-notch advice with a unique focus on client education and support. Their comprehensive audits are a treasure trove, covering both content and technical facets. I

Maude Lavoie

Shopify Expert


Our Inner Motor is Powered by Curiosity & Quirks

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